Vinnytsia region plans to increase sugar beet sown area

Vinnytsia farmers plan to increase the sugar beet sown area by 27% in 2023 compared to 2022, the head of Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Borzov, said on Facebook.

«In Vinnytsia region, the structure of the cultivated area will change slightly in terms of a decrease in the area under grain crops (from 49,7% to 43,7%) and an increase under technical crops (from 35,1% to 40,7%) — vegetables, potatoes and fodder crops . In particular, it is predicted that the area under winter cereals will decrease by 6%, corn per grain — by 22% compared to the figures of 2022. On the other hand, the area under sunflower is forecasted to grow by 8,4%, soybean — by 12,5%, and sugar beet — by 27%. The area under potatoes and vegetables will also increase by 1%, fodder crops by 6%», — Serhiy Borzov wrote on the Fecabook-page.

Vinnytsia region is one of the largest sugar producers in Ukraine. Every fourth kilogram of sugar in Ukraine is produced in Vinnytsia region.

In mid-January, 5 sugar factories in the region completed the production season and produced 360,000 tonnes of sugar, processed 2.4 million tonnes of sugar beets. Last season the local factories produced 363.5 thousand tonnes of sugar.

70% of sugar were produced by two sugar factories — Kryzhopil and Gaisyn.

The region has maintained a leading position in sugar production throughout the years of Independence of Ukraine.

Vinnytsia region began 2022/2023 sugar-refining season at the beginning of September. The first to start its work was «Tsukoragroprom» LLC, Zhdanivka Sugar Refinery. It is followed by «Zoria Podillia» Foods Company» LLC and «Podillia Foods Company» PJSC.

In 2022, the area of sugar beets in all categories of farms amounted to 43.3 thousand hectares, in particular, in agricultural enterprises — 38,3 thousand hectares.

In 2021, farmers of the region harvested 2,1 million tonnes of sugar beets with the average yield of 456.3 tonnes/ha — 14.6% more than in 2020. In the sugar production season of 2021, 5 sugar factories of the region produced 363.5 thousand tonnes of sugar.