UPI-AGRO partners discussed the prospects of sugar beets cultivation



«Agrarian front: strategy of the victory» — the meeting of «Ukrprominvest-Agro» team with partners in sugar beet cultivation took place under this leitmotif.

It is reported on the company's Facebook-page.

More than 70 agricultural producers gathered in Vinnytsia at the invitation of UPI-AGRO to talk about the prospects of growing sugar beet, familiarize themselves with the updated services offered by UPI-AGRO to its partners, and share their results and achievements in the «Sugar beet — the choice of the smart!» program.

It was interesting, qualitative and meaningful.

The question «What to sow next season?» is currently among the most relevant for farmers.

The war disrupted the usual plans, creating additional problems with logistics and exports of many crops.

Large surpluses of grain and the slow pace of their realization force agricultural producers in war and post-war conditions to change their usual strategy, looking for new directions and cultures.

UPI-AGRO offers such agricultural producers to grow sugar beets.

The advantages are obvious. The sugar sales practically do not depend on exports: 90% of sales are on the local market; product prices are rising moderately, so profitability of this crop will be the highest among possible alternatives. At the same time, the duration of sugar storage is significantly longer than that of grains — 4 years or more.

Many agrarians have already understood the prospects of sugar beet, so this year 25% of the areas from which sugar beet will be processed at UPI-AGRO sugar refineries are precisely the fields of partner participants in the «Sugar beet — a smart choice!» program.

This fact indicates a high level of trust in «Ukrprominvest-Agro» as a stable, predictable and reliable partner.

At the meeting, the services offered by UPI-AGRO as part of the «Sugar beet — the smart choice!» program were presented in detail, including agricultural consulting, equipment rental services and a number of others.

Attention was also paid to the discussion of approaches to the formation of schedules for the digging of sugar beet and its delivery to the company's sugar factories with minimal quality losses.