Ukrainian sugar output reduced by almost 20%


In 2019/2020 MY, Ukraine produced 1,48 million tonnes of sugar — 19% less than the previous season.

«In total, there were 33 sugar refineries in operation, which processed 9,84 million tonnes of sugar beet — almost a third less than the previous year. As we can see, a significant reduction in the amount of raw materials caused the reduction in production capacity and, as a result, a decrease in sugar production as a whole», — commented Ruslana Yanenko, the Deputy Chairman of «Ukrsugar» Association. 

The expert noted, that this result was quite predictable, as the global sugar surplus, which lasted for the last three years, significantly influenced the Ukrainian market — a 20% reduction in sugar beet harvested areas and a decrease in the amount of raw materials. In addition to the fact that 9 refineries did not operate this year, the production campaign also decreased by almost a month, which will certainly affect the cost of sugar production, because sugar refinery should work at least 100 days to cover the launching costs.

Traditionally, the top three leaders didn't change: Vinnytsia region — 331,9 thousand tonnes, Khmelnytsk region — 192,8 thousand tonnes, and Ternopil region — 186,4 thousand tonnes.