TOP-10 Sugar Exporters of 2018/2019


According to the results of 2018/2019 MY, «Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC became the biggest sugar exporter, having delivered 138,5 thousand tonnes at the amount of $46,3 million.

The second place in the rating was taken by «Podillia Foods Company» PJSC — 74,5 thousand tonnes of sugar ($26,6 million). «Teophipolskyi Sugar» LLC became the third having exported 35,7 thousand tonnes of sugar ($14,0 million).

«Although sugar exports decreased by almost a third, there were no significant changes in rating of sugar exporters. As in the previous year, «Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC remained the leader, but «Podillia Foods Company» PJSC managed to improve its position by displacing «Tsukoragroprom» LLC from second to fourth place», — said Ruslana Yanenko, Deputy Chairman of «Ukrsugar» Association.

According to «Ukrsugar» forecasts, in 2019/2020 MY, sugar exports are expected at the level of 300 thousand tonnes, and we will also have to compete for Central Asian markets with Russia, which expects sugar overproduction in the current season. 

Recall that in 2017/2018 MY, «Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC became the biggest sugar exporter, having delivered 150,5 thousand tonnes at the amount of $55,55 million.