The average cost of sugar beets growing reaches USD2,000/ha

The average cost of sugar beets growing amounts to USD2,000/ha (without VAT).

Acting Chairman of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «Ukrsugar» Nazar Mykhailovyn told about this in an interview for The Ukrainian Farmer.

According to him, such prices can be explained by the fact that the cost of seeds has increased over the past two years. The cost of fuel and lubricants, necessary at all stages: for sowing campaign, crop care and roots harvesting has also increased. The growth of the dollar also has its influence, because many necessary components are purchased abroad.

«Why is the cost so high? After all, the sugar beets growing technology requires 5-6 crop treatments, while for corn or wheat it is enough to carry out only 2-3 treatments», — Nazar Mykhailovin noted.