«Starokostyantinivtsukor» LLC confidently started "sweet" production season



Sugarproduction season continues at «Starokostyantinivtsukor» LLC. Its beginning was traditionally preceded by preparatory work, modernization and renewal of production.

It is reported on the company's Facebook-page.

«Now the refnery has reached its project capacity, — says the director of the enterprise Vitaliy Kyryk. — We have mastered new equipment and produce sugar of European quality. We plan to reach production level of 4.5 tonnes per day».

Despite all the challenges of today, sugar producers are firmly holding the production rear, because they know that a strong country needs a strong industry.

«We thank our Armed Forces for constant defense, thanks to which we can work and strengthen the production potential of the region and the country», — adds Vitaliy Kyryk.