«RusAgro» sugar refineries increased sugar output by 17%



In 2019/2020, sugar refineries of «RusAgro» operated for up to 156 days and produced 882,6 thousand tonnes of sugar. Output has increased by 17% in comparison to the previous season.

It is reported by press-service of the company.

Sugar production season started on August 25, 2019 and ended on February 3, 2020. During the season «RusAgro» processed 6,1 million tonnes of sugar beet, including 3,8 million supplied by «RusAgro» agriculture business, with an average sugar content of 18,4%.

In 2019, the Group also produced 31,2 thousand tonnes of sugar from molasses. Before beginning of the new season, «RusAgro» refineries will produce 90 thousand tonnes of sugar from molasses.

Overall, during August-December of 2019 Russia processed 46,4 million tonnes of sugar beet and produced 7,1 million tonnes of sugar, 19% higher than in 2018.