Khmelnytsk region plans to produce sugar within 190 thousand tonnes

This year, in Khmelnytsk region, it is planned to process up to 1б4 million tonnes of sugar beet and produce within 190 thousand tonnes of sugar, which is approximately 210% of the annual demand of the region. 

It is reported by press service of Khmelnytsk Regional State Administration.

Last week agrarians of Khmelnytsk region began sugar beet harvesting. As of September 25, 3,4 thousand hectares were harvested — 13% of the total area. 175 thousand tonnes of beet were harvested with the average yield of 511 centners/ha.

In the region, two sugar refineries have already begun sugar refining season: «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC and «Narkevychy Sugar Refinery» LLC. As of September 26, they produced 5,8 thousand tonnes of sugar.

In total, this season four refineries will operate in the region: «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC, «Narkevychy Sugar Refinery» LLC, «Shepetivka Sugar» LLC and Teophipolskyi Sugar» LLC. «Krasyliv Sugar Refinery» PC is currently carrying out repair and reconstruction, new processing line will be put into operation.