«Farmgate Ukraine» uses a new approach in sugar beet cultivation



This season, «Farmgate Ukraine» LLC uses a new approach in sugar beet cultivation.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook page.

The seedlings of four highly productive hybrids from BETASEED are already maturing in the fields of «Farmgate Ukraine» LLC. Part of them is processed according to a new approach for the company — «Conviso Smart». This innovative technology for the protection of sweet roots was first presented in Ukraine in 2017. Environmental friendliness and flexibility in cultivation are among its advantages.

«Taking into account the current challenges, «Farmgate Ukraine» LLC is updating its approaches to the cultivation of beet fields. This is due to many factors that agrarians face today», — explains the head of the company Andrii Dembitskyi.

«Convizo Smart cultivation system, which we use on about 50% of the fields, allows us to reduce the number of equipment passes through the field. This is justified, because we, like everyone in the industry, are experiencing a shortage of personnel due to the war, so we compensate this with technological approaches», — says the chief agronomist Serhii Bolyukh.

A significant role in improving sugar beet cultivation was also played by a new seeder, which the company has purchased specifically for strategic culture.

«It gives its results: we have beets that are uniform both on the roots and shoots, clear lines and a good crop density (110-115 thousand/ha), — says Serhii Bolyukh, — and the power of the sown hybrids, proven by experience and years, and the skill of our agricultural sector allow us to predict good harvests with high sugar content — from 17% to 20%».