Cygnet sugar factory resumed its work after one-year break

This year, Cygnet sugar factory resumed its work.

It is reported in the company's corporate newspaper.

The company has planted 4,000 hectares of sugar beets, which are already being harvested and taken to production.

The company successfully completed its production season in November 2021. At that time, 142,800 tonnes of sugar beets were processed, and 20,200 tonnes of sugar were produced.

Unfortunately, due to the risks associated with war, the company did not return to work in 2022.

«Last year, we hoped to the last that we would plant sugar beets. And when they were still not sown, everything became clear, and we were very upset. But it was necessary to conserve some equipment, so we worked until November», — says Ihor Semenenko, the head of the shift.

The workers are glad that they were finally able to return to work this year.

Since the refinery was idle for a year, before resuming its work, a lot of repair work was carried out.

The company produced the first sugar of this season on September 30. In general, this year the refinery plans to produce 30,000 tonnes of sugar, which is more than in 2021. This is explained by the fact that more sugar beets were sown this year.