CIS sugar production will decrease next year — Sucden


Next season, the total sugar production in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will decrease by 6% comparing with MY 2017/2018, but export potential will be unchanged. Marina Sidak, the head of analytical service (CIS) Sucden expressed such a view during the first «Sugar Trade and Export Conference».

«In MY 2018/2019 in Ukraine and Russia there will be a decrease in sugar production by 5,5% and 11% respectively, but Belarus sugar production is forecasted to grow by 13%. At the same time, sugar exports from Ukraine and Russia will increase by 13% and 7% respectively, while in Belarus a slight decrease of 5% is expected. In addition, strong battle for sugar sales markets will continue», — says Ms. Sidak.

She addes that due to the negative demographic situation there will be a decrease in domestic consumption in Ukraine and there is a risk of shortening sugar rail transportations due to the lack of covered cars.

In MY 2017/2018, Russia and Ukraine competed in the CIS market, while Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan became the key markets for sugar sales in the CIS countries.