Brazil’s CS sugar production up 22% — UNICA


According to the industry group UNICA, in the first half of June, mills in the Center-South region crushed 48.998 million tonnes compared to 40.669 million tonnes in the 2023-2024 season – which represents an increase of 20.48%.

It is reported by chinimandi.

In the 2024-2025 season up to June 16, crushing reached 189.458 million tonnes, compared to 167.289 million tonnes recorded in the same period in the previous season – increase of 13,25%.

Data from UNICA showed that sugar production in the second half of June totaled 3.12 million tonnes, registering an increase of 21.86% compared to the amount recorded in the same period in the 2023-2024 season (2.560 million tonnes). In the accumulated period since the beginning of the harvest until June 16, the production of the sweetener totaled 10.95 million tonnes, against 9.57 million tonnes in the previous cycle (increase of 14.42%).

In the first half of June, ethanol production by units in the Center-South reached 2.248 billion liters, which is 18.09% higher than previous season. In the current season, biofuel manufacturing totaled 8.710 billion liters (+12,24%).

Also, Unica reported that till June 16, the percentage of Brazil’s 2024-25 sugarcane crop crushed for sugar rose to 48.38% from 47.24% last year.