Bioethanol and sugar production is underestimated today

If before the war experts were skeptical about the prospects of biogas, then in condition of energy shortages, the processing of crop products into alternative energy sources may become a new trend. Thus, the attitude to the prospects of sugar production may change, Agravery reports.

Serhiy Shcherban, SOLAGRO Group Elevator Manager, says: «Sugar factories are an underestimated topic. This is a source for biogas. In addition, it is ideal to combine corn processing with infrastructure of sugar factories, this is due to the nuances of technology. I never understood why sugar factories "cut" into scrap metal».

«Gals Agro» consideres the replacement of wheat crops with sugar beets as profitable.

«I recommend sugar beets growing. Today, sugar is an expensive commodity, in recent years there have been good export prices for sugar. It is more profitable to grow sugar beets and process them into sugar on the same area than to grow cereals. In addition, it is important today to support sugar factories. We also produce bioethanol, it is a good addition to gasoline. We have 6 biogas plants from 2018, which produce electricity today», — said Serhiy Kravchuk, head of Hals Agro.

Oleksandr Yarmak, «Penta Group», also considers the processing of crop products into bioethanol as promising. «Let's be realistic, unlocking ports is a matter of more than one month, maybe more than one year. Ukraine has already accumulated 20 million tonnes of grain, and according to my estimates — 25-30 million tonnes. Therefore, the issue of grain storage is becoming very important, and will become more acute. Against this background, sugar beets processing into bioethanol and starch is the path that everyone should follow, and it also makes sense to grow livestock and process grain into fodder», — said Oleksandr Yarmak.