Another two sugar refineries started sugar-refining season


Zhdanivka and Narkevychy sugar refineries, the part of Agri-Industrial Holding «Astarta-Kyiv», have started the new production season, the press-service of the company reports.

Preparing for the new season, «Astarta-Kyiv» has invested about 13 million USD in its sugar refineries modernization.

As in the previous years, preparing for the new season, ASTARTA implemented many investment projects on energy saving and the production efficiency increasing. The reconstruction and replacement of the equipment were carried out at all sugar refineries. In addition, in 2017, pulp drier complex, granulator and dry pulp storages will be put into operation at Narkevychy sugar refinery. This will allow to produce the additional 25 ths. t of granulated beet pulp per year, in particular, for export to China, which became available after certification permits obtaining.

In addition, the company also continues the strategy of using renewable energy sources in production and this year at Novoorzhytsky sugar refinery the powder dryer for use on fuel pellets from husk of sunflower was reequiped. Due to this, the company plans to reduce the cost of natural gas by 50%.

According to the report, Zhdanivka sugar refinery has already reached the planned daily capacity and produced the European quality products, and the remaining six sugar refineries of the company will be launched into operation within a month.