«Novoivanivskyi Sugar Refinery» OJSC


Address of production capacities: 63109, Kharkiv region, Kolomaky district, Kolomaky, Peremogy str., 123.

Novoivanivskyi Sugar Refinery is one of the oldest sugar refineries in Kharkiv region. Its construction was started in spring of 1900. The refinery was designed to process 1,000 twelve pounds berets of beet per day. It began to work on August 31, 1901. The production capacity of the refinery was small. It produced 39 pounds of sugar in the first year.

With the advent of new technologies of sugar beet processing, they also appeared at the refinery. In 1980 the great reconstruction of the refinery was carried out. In May 1999, the sugar refinery became «Novoivanivskyi Sugar Refinery» OJSC.

In recent years, the volumes of raw materials have been increased, technical and economic indicators have been improved. A lot of technical upgrades were introduced at the refinery. In 2013, investments in for the total amount of UAH3,5 million were invested in the capital repairs of the production.

Today the processing capacity reaches 2600 tonnes/day. It produces "A" quota sugar, molasses, pulp and lime.

The reconstruction of juice filtration and saturation filtration units began in 2016, with the subsequent decontamination of the filtration precipitate, the replacement of the fusion station of the II product with the installation of centrifuges of the European manufacturer, a phased reconstruction of the thermal circuit.