«Novoorzhytsky Sugar Refinery» LLC


Address of production capacities: Tsentralna str., 2, Novoorzhytske, Orzhytske district, Poltava region, 37714.

The construction of the refinery began in 1975, and it was launched in 1978. The current capacity of the refinery is 6 000 tonnes per day. 

The refinery is a part of «Astarta-Kyiv» agro-industrial group, which bought it in 2013 from «Kernel» company. 

The company processes its own sugar beet. Modernization of the refinery allowed to improve the quality of the produced products, reduce the consumption of natural gas, increase sugar output. The company is certificated in accordance with the international management system and quality of ISO 9001:2000. 

The company produces «A» quotas sugar, molasses, pulp and commodity lime, which are sold in domestic market. 

The company plans for the following years, the reconstruction of vacuum products of the first product, reconstruction of the pulp drying unit, overhaul of the equipment of the scheme of dispensing, loading and distribution of the charge of limestone furnaces.